24 Μαΐ 2018

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - Αnybody's Αnswer

Anybody's Answer, γραμμένο από τον Mark Farner. Το δεύτερο τραγούδι του άλμπουμ με
τίτλο On Time της Αμερικάνικης μπάντας Grand Funk Railroad.
Ηχογραφήθηκε Απρίλιο -  Ιούνιο του 1969 και κυκλοφόρησε Αύγουστο του ίδιου έτους.

Ύφος τραγουδιού και άλμπουμ: Hard rock, psychedelic rock

Anybody's Answer

If you find yourself looking for someone
To make good the bad things that you've done.
Do you think you're looking straight ahead?
And, will you find the answer when you're dead?

Well, then you should listen now to me.
And, I'll tell you how I think it should be.
No one tells you why you're here to live.
This is why it's you who must forgive.

No! You can't kill your brother ...
No! Because you love each other.
No! You can't steal his pennies ...
No! 'Cause you didn't leave him any.

Ahhhhhh ... Ahhhhhh ...
Ahhhhhh ... Ahhhhhh ...

And if reason tells you not to live,
But you feel there's something left to give.
You can't leave this place until it's done,
So you'll see one more rising of the sun.

Sun ...
Sun ... You're gonna' see it one more time.
Sun ... Oh you can't get away from it.
Sun ... You're gonna see it, oh, one more time

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